Control your timing system on your tablet, computer or smart phone via your web browser.

Wireless Relay Control - Raspberry Pi

Hot Time Software Time Control has easy scheduling that can:

- Connect to your network with a LAN line for direct cable connection.

- Connect direct to your network with WIFI


- Connect to your tablet, smart phone, or any WIFI enabled device when there is no network available. You can then access from anywhere in the world.

 You can control 2 channels using onboard relays or control up to 8 channels with an add on relay module.

- Time Control can have unlimited timing per day, with auto or manual functions.

- Perfect for Lighting Control and Irrigation Control.

- Suitable to control bells, buzzers or your factory break bell system.

- Suitable for Aquaponics Control

 Each controller purchased is supplied with its own power supply, aerial and network cable.

The power supply has four changeable heads for UK, EUR, AUS & US regions.

If you would like to try our controller we actually have a demo setup that you can switch from anywhere in the world. Just contact us and we will send you a link so you can actually test and schedule the controller to see how easy it is.

Price - $AU440 *Postage included in Price

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Example video of using the Time Controller.



Example of the Time Controller with a relay module.


System Home

Wireless Relay Control Software


System Status

Wireless Relay Control Software


There are two versions available as shown in the picture below. A box type enclosure in different colours (left) or a din rail type enclosure (right).

Please contact us if you would like to purchase the din rail type and for more info.

Wireless Relay Control


Controlling the relay module with the time control.

Wireless Relay Control and Relay Board


Time Controller with aerial and power supply, ready to operate.

Wireless Relay Controller

Relay Control Raspberry Pi


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