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  • What sort of hardware and software do I need to use for this program?
  • Can I use this program with a PLC?
  • What is the difference between this software and other products?
  • What if the power goes off?
  • How can I alter the start or run times if they are not listed?
  • Can I use the trial version to operate relays and solenoids etc?
  • Can your software be used to trigger a school bell or alarm?
  • I put in a pci card with 2 extra ports. How do I configure these ports?
  • Using laptops with this software. How do I?
  • No output on hardware!
  • Pinouts if building own hardware.
  • Using Opto's and building own hardware.
  • Trial version restricts full access.
  • Computer locks up after a few hours or days.
  • How can I use Inputs?
  • Parallel Port Board information.

  • [Hardware] [PLC Control] [Software] [Power Off] [Start and Run Times]
    [Trial Version] [Bell, Buzzer Control] [Adding PCI Card] [Laptop] [No Output]
    [Pinouts] [Opto Control] [Full Access] [Lockup Fault] [Inputs] [Parallel Port Information]